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"A big thank you to you, for all your help... you are inspirational."
HRH - Musician

Is coaching for me?

All clients come to coaching because they want something to change. Some think of it as personal or professional development, some want a chance to explore and solve problems, others are focused on reaching important goals or long-term ambitions.

Many of the limitations we experience are due to outdated ways of thinking or old, engrained patterns of behaviour. These are our internal 'landscapes' where we can stay stuck in our ruts or move on to discover fertile new territory. This inner, untapped potential means that almost anyone can benefit from coaching provided they are willing to fully engage in a process of reflection, learning and action.

You may already have a sense of how you might use coaching or you may find your situation reflected in the paragraphs below. If you are still not sure that coaching is for you we will be happy to offer you a free initial telephone consultation where you can explore your options more fully.

Below are some of the main reasons that people begin coaching. What about you?

Recent major changes in life have left you wondering how to plan your future...

Illness, retirement, divorce or separation can leave you feeling disorientated and lacking clear direction. Between us, we have over 40 years of professional experience dealing with people facing deep personal issues. Our approach offers exceptional understanding and support. We encourage you into manageable, balanced action while helping you reconnect with your innate strengths and sense of purpose.

Your work/life balance is leaving you dissatisfied but you don’t know how to turn things around...

It can sometimes be difficult thinking through the important issues alone without going round in circles. We are experienced at working with motivated and resourceful professionals (doctors, lawyers, teachers, business managers) who find that coaching provides those extra insights which enable them to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.

You feel that you are not getting the most out of life or want to fulfil more of your potential...

We concentrate on promoting and enhancing your unique talents and creativity. We then help you plan and develop specific action steps, so you can achieve your goals and move toward the life you want to lead.

You feel you need more time and want to get organised...

Your schedule may be so hectic that the idea of giving time to coaching makes your head spin. But sometimes subtle shifts in thinking can make a profound difference as you begin to regain time you didn't even know you were losing. A few hours invested with a skilled, resourceful coach who is 100% on your side can help you quickly re-structure and stop wasting energy.

You need support from an honest, skilled and objective person as you prepare for an important new project...

The relationship between you and your coach is unique, an alliance that cannot be found within family and friends. From getting a new job to finding a life partner, the tools we use in the coaching process can help you attain new levels of confidence, define your goals and become increasingly focused and effective.

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