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"You open up all sorts of really valuable perspectives. I would recommend you without reservation."
CM - HR Consultant

Divorce or separation

When a marriage or relationship breaks down the future can seem bleak or at best, uncertain. Choosing a path that is right for you (and your family) is vitally important. Sometimes inevitable emotional difficulties interfere with wise decision-making, just when friends and family are too involved to provide the clarity you need. Divorce coaching provides an ongoing supportive framework where you can not only explore what you want now and for your future, but discover how to go about getting it.

Whether you have children or not the process of divorce may seem like the worst time of your life. Most couples go down the conventional path which can involve prolonged legal argument and the distress this causes can be overwhelming.

Personal Coaching

If you are going through a conventional style divorce, personal coaching will help you:

  • Rationally assess your current situation
  • Identify realistic outcomes from the divorce
  • Communicate more effectively with those around you
  • Enable you to plan your direction both in the short and long term
  • Regain your confidence and sense of purpose

Collaborative Law - a kinder way to separate

Collaborative Law offers a new way of conducting divorce without ever going to court. Imagine resolving all issues in a dignified manner, negotiating together at meetings with your and your partner’s lawyers. Time and again this method is achieving respectful, lasting resolutions while avoiding divorce court trauma.

Throughout this process your coach prepares you to be focused and emotionally ready for discussions and decision-making and is a key member of the Collaborative Team. At a time when feelings can be in turmoil it is essential that decisions are made with a sense of balance and perspective. Coaching helps you fully consider how best to safeguard the future for yourself and your children.

Sylvia and Peter both work closely with family lawyers in Worcestershire, Gloucester and Bristol who are successfully helping clients achieve exactly these results.