Testimonial 14

"As a result of being more content with myself, migraine is rarely a problem now."
DL - Musician and Teacher

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful developmental process that has been used for years to help executives and leaders increase their effectiveness. Many top professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes see coaching as the means to achieve their best in challenging circumstances. Increasingly, coaching is becoming a trusted choice for thousands of motivated individuals who are creating significant and lasting change in their lives.

The strength of coaching rests on the unique relationship of coach and client. This special alliance provides a totally confidential space where you focus your attention and resources on moving toward your goals, backed by an extraordinary level of support and encouragement.

Coaching is neither therapy nor counselling and it does not tell you what you 'should' do. You set the agenda, then coaching concentrates on clarifying where you are today, what you truly want, and what will help you achieve it. A great coach offers powerful questions and unbiased feedback, so that clients identify deeper values and priorities, then move forward confidently and in balance.

Since coaching can be delivered very flexibly in person or via the phone, time and distance are no obstacle. In parallel with your daily life you'll be engaged in a process of movement and reflection, making new choices and discovering new answers. With a high-quality coaching structure in place you will find it difficult not to make progress!

Is coaching really for me?
How does coaching work?