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"I feel much more confident since working with you, this has made a big difference for me."
MD - Financial Advisor

Executive and business professionals

In business today there is often little space for reflection and the real creative thinking that keeps you at the leading edge. It is all too easy to sacrifice precious personal time and contact with friends or family in an attempt to bridge this gap. These conflicting demands and pressures can affect self-belief, clarity and the energy you need to keep moving forward.

Coaching restores balance and keeps you powerfully motivated as you take decisive steps towards your personal and professional goals.

Although professional coaching may focus on business-related issues, an individual's personality and approach to life always play a major role in how they perform. Coaching reduces stress and reminds you of your personal strengths and values, paving the way to purposeful action, achievement and far greater satisfaction in the workplace.

Coaching may be organised privately, or can be company sponsored. When a company is funding coaching, we explicitly agree beforehand all aspects of client/coach confidentiality and the form and level of any feedback to senior management.

Prime Topics for Coaching in Business

Improving motivation
Identifying core competencies
Developing better leadership skills
Balancing competing demands
Learning to take better care of yourself
Prioritising and getting things done
Maintaining focus in chaotic times
Handling stressful situations
Exploring your 'Big Ideas'
Managing relationships
Reviewing career options
Seeing the big picture
Appreciating your own value
Developing success strategies
Improving communication
Addressing work/life balance

How is coaching structured?